Let me begin by telling you a little about myself, because that plays a large role in my style of photography. I am a  Wife, a MOM, I am a Christian, a Daughter who is blessed with amazing parents, i am a friend, and I am a photographer......bet you are relieved to know that! :)  I am 30 years old and have a super funny adorable and sweet son, born march 12, 2007 (payton, whoms pictures you will find on here quite often) ALso i have a very mature, chatty,and kind hearted daughter named Avery Ann. She was born January 5, 2009 and truly made my family PERFECT! In August 2009 i was blessed again and became an AUNTIE for the first time, my nephew Rhys was born, you will see quite a bit of his adorable face on here!
Photography has been a God Given interest of mine since long before i can recall. i had a camera almost all of my childhood and took pictures (many of which i realize now were a waste of film), but i took them and loved every minute of them. I took Photography classes in high school but it wasnt until my son was born that i realized, "if I love this so much, why not make it a career and share this love with other people"? So, I did just that. I enrolled in the "digital Photography program" at the Art Institute of Illinois and learned more about the technique and style of the passion.We started our business in September of 2007...and have grown so much and met so many amazing people since then. We look forward to many years of improving our business together.
I feel that all photographers have different styles, and finding the one that best suites your personality and needs is the first step in capturing those memories. Personally I think making people feel at ease is a big part of a beautiful photo that shows the emotion and feelings the subject is wanting. Through my personal expierence I know the feelings of being the Child, the senior, the pregnant subject (not feeling so pretty), the parent (trying to get that ever so difficult smile from your child), and I do my best to help catch those moments as effectively as possible and help to savor your memories. I LOVE what I do, and i try to show that in every aspect of my job.

Photographic Memories
A Little about me...